In Summer, shorts and bikinis are going to be everyone’s daily wardrobe. A problem that always arises for women during this time of year is how to take off their favorite bikini from elements like sun, sand, sea, and many more.


Believe me, sun and sand will be going to complement your bikini. However, over time, these items can affect your favorite bikinis if not cared for properly. So we are going to make sure that your summer favorite bikini is to look great all long.


Here are the some most useful tips for taking care of your bikini:


Try to wash after every use.

First, you have to wash your bikini after every use to extend the fabric’s life. Because water, sand, sunlight, and, of course, not taking care of the fabric, you will lose your bikini quickly.


Try to wash it off as soon as you finish wearing it; If you can't, gently rinse with cold water until you can get to the sink with a little soap or detergent.


Any clear, mild detergent will work (look for one that is unscented or formulated for sensitive skin). But we recommend a specially formulated detergent for bikinis like Bikinis Over Everything. It's a light, all-natural wash that will clean your bikinis and leave them soft and shiny like butter.


Properly wash by hand.

Sure, it's a lot easier just to throw your suit in the washing machine (we're all guilty of this) but trust us, it's worth taking the time to wash by hand! This is the key to preserving the integrity of the tissue.


Step by step guide to washing your bikini properly:


  • Fill the container with cold water.
  • Add your bikini and a few drops of the bikini wash.
  • Gently press the soap into the fabric.
  • Let it soak for 10-15 min.
  • Hang it or let it dry in a shady place


It’s easy. Right? Let’s just wash your bikini today!


Try to be gentle with the fabric.


Avoid loosening the fabric by aggressively wringing wetsuits or drying them on rough surfaces. There is nothing worse than a saggy bikini bottom! After washing, gently rinse with cold water and lightly squeeze your bikini. Then let it dry flat on a towel.


We do not recommend using bleach or other stain removers on your swimwear. If you have a problematic area like deodorant marks or sunscreen, moisten the area before washing it and add a drop of your bikini soap. Let it sit for a few minutes, then knead just the hard-to-work part in the soap, then soak and wash the entire suit as usual.


If you are drying your swimsuits outdoors, avoid placing them in direct sunlight. Drying in the sun too long can damage the fabric.


Stay away from heat


Remember, never iron as well as not use a dryer for your bikinis. As we said above, sunlight will badly damage your fabric. You can lose the original color of the fabric and silhouette of your suit.


We highly appreciate your investments in our bikinis as well as your love season after season. That’s why we share the most useful and experts tips for taking care of your bikinis. So if you want to main the quality of the fabric, follow our information in your daily routine.


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August 22, 2020 — Data Source Inc. Collaborator

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