Here’s a pick of our personal favorite styles from our selection of bikinis.
The VIP Palms bikini: The VIP Palms bikini offers four pieces you can mix and match depending on the style you are looking for. You can choose between the mesh bandeau top, the mesh triangle top, the thong and the mesh high cut. Since the VIP bikini was originally made in black and was one of our best sellers, we decided to change it up a little and put a popular pattern to make it more festive. This bikini also reflects as sexy, audacious piece, but yet elegant.
The Sportivo Lumi bikini set: This sporty bikini is perfect for soaking up the sun and to enjoy every minute of summer. The bright green color complements your tanning and makes you feel flawless. The Sportivo bathing suit is also available in coral and in sky blue.
The White Captain bikini: Even if bra top bikinis are basic, the white captain bikini is an essential for your sunbathing this summer. The fit of the bikini is perfect for every type of body and silhouette. The captain bikini is one of our favorites because it’s a classic and it will never go out of style, it’s definitely a must-have! If you prefer darker colors, the captain bikini is also available in marine and in black.
August 23, 2020 — Data Source Inc. Collaborator

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