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When you search Instagram for the keyword #BodyPositive, you will discover more than 10 million posts. It has evolved to become one of the most prominent movements in the fashion industry. Some of the leading fashion brands and world famous celebrities are embracing this movement as well.

There has been a worldwide re-evaluation of the traditional beauty standards. That’s mainly because the definition associated with physical perfection got changed. This created an excellent pathway for the increasing popularity of #BodyPositive movement. Not just the leading brands in the fashion industry, but also the brands that belong to cosmetic industry highlight the importance of embracing physical diversity.

Brands that are doing well with body positivity

Some of the brands are doing well with body positivity. Glossier is a perfect example for such a brand. They launched the body products back in the year 2017. Along with these products, they went for a photoshoot, where five women were featured. Every women out of them had different physical attributes.

The very first thing that people noticed out of this photo shoot was the skin of all models. The skin was glistening, dewy and alive. These photos were featured in a massive advertisement campaign, which targeted New York and Los Angeles.

Jules von Hep went ahead with a similar campaign back in the month of March, 2018. This is where they introduced a body positive tanning brand under the name Isle of Paradise. Along with the launch of this brand, the end of traditional beauty lingerie was initiated.

Apart from these brands, we can find many other examples for successful brands that have embraced the importance of body positivity. Babor, CoverGirl and Fenty are perfect example for such brands. They have come up with a diverse roster, which is targeting all the different body shapes.

Impression of body positivity ambassadors

According to the body positivity ambassadors, this should be the new norm. They expect the movement to thrive throughout the next decade. It has made people think about ensuring beauty beyond size. It will take at least a decade for us to see this transforming the fashion industry fully. However, we have already taken the first step and we just need to wait until that happens.

Why do bigger brands take time to move forward with this movement?

When we deep dive and take a look at the body positivity movement, we see that the bigger brands are taking more time to move forward with it. For example, brands such as Nike have not even considered going forward with this movement yet. All those leading brands are interplaying with the concepts, where the beauty and health is shifting. As a result, they have found it as a difficult task to move in between the two.

However, we will be able to see those brands embracing the body positivity movement in the future. They will come to a situation where they cannot go ahead without embracing it.

We value the importance of the body positivity movement in our Instagram post to showcase our products on everyday models with diverse body types not only on the bodies that fits in the standards of the society. We want to convey self-love, to help other women make peace with their complexes, to simply understand that we are all beautiful and unique.

It’s our way to normalize different body types and making every woman feel beautiful like they should.


bycassandre Team. 

August 23, 2020 — Data Source Inc. Collaborator

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